How we care for the environment 

The future of our planet and continuing to reduce our impact on the environment is extremely important to us – as well as designing and manufacturing uniform that stands up to school life.

You can be assured that when you're buying uniform from Trutex, you're not only buying the best. You're getting a long-term commitment to sustainable uniform production.

Made to Last

Our uniform is tough. It can stand up to the rigors of school life, the rough and tumble of the playground, and multiple washes throughout the school year.

Careful design and attention to detail during the manufacturing process means your Trutex uniform is often grown out before it’s worn out. And longer lasting uniform means less uniform is needed – which not only saves you money, but also reduces your carbon footprint.

Now thanks to RE:FORM, parents can simply donate pre-owned uniform in school to get discounts – and buy refurbished pre-owned uniform at 40% off the original price.

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Sustainably Sourced & Recycled Fabrics

We already use sustainably sourced and recycled fabrics in many products and are committed to increasing further these across our range through our ‘Nurture the Future’ pledge.

• Polyester: this fibre is ideal for schoolwear as it is strong and retains colour well wash after wash. Since 2014 we have been switching all of the polyester we use into certified recycled polyester made from post-consumer waste, saving millions of bottle from landfill

•Viscose: a cotton feel alternative made from wood pulp that benefits from good physical properties. All of the viscose we use now is from certified sustainable sources

• Cotton: our 100% cotton yarn is responsibly sourced through certified yarn suppliers

To find out more about our ‘Nurture the Future’ pledge, please click here

Carbon Neutral Since 2012

We are committed to being a carbon neutral business. Since 2012, we have undertaken annual auditing to verify our carbon usage in the previous 12-month period. This audit is undertaken to ISO 14064 standards and in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Carbon offsetting is a way to mitigate the carbon we use as a business. Once we know the amount of carbon used, we offset this by investing in carbon positive projects around the world. We only invest in projects which are Verified Carbon Standard or Gold Standard.

meet the founder
meet the founder

Reducing Energy & Waste

We’re conscious of the energy and waste we produce, and it's our responsibility to minimise this. Whether it's thinking before printing, recycling all our used cans and bottles, or even just switching off lights when we leave a meeting room, our staff are encouraged to follow good sustainability principles – which are highlighted in our carbon usage annual report.

In addition to these good standard practices, all our waste is separated and the least amount possible is sent to landfill. Plus, we reuse and recycle: all cardboard is baled and recycled through an organisation called Smurfit Kappa, and all waste management is registered through BIFFPACK and monitored by an annual submission.


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